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Digital Sales Essentials Approved Supplier Dublin Intertrade Ireland

InterTrade Ireland have officially launched a new grant programme called Digital Sales Essentials (DSE). The new programme supports InterTrade Irelands'remit by assisting companies in developing cross-border trade using digital tools to achieve that goal. The programme offers up to five days of fully funded consultant support to help companies improve their online presence, digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities to drive cross-border trade in particular.

The DSE is a pilot programme being run for 12 months initially (up until April 2023) provided funding remains available so we encourage interested businesses to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Digital Sales Essentials

  • Fully funded grant up to £2,500 or €2,800 inclusive of VAT
  • Five days of consulting work available
  • Ten days to agree project and submit terms
  • Projects complete over 12 weeks maximum
  • Cross-border trade must be the main focus

Are you eligible?

  • Must be operating/registered in Ireland or Northern Ireland
  • Must be SME with fewer than 250 staff and less than €50 million/£40 million annual revenues
  • Must operate in manufacturing or tradeable services sectors
  • Must have an established trading history and proven track record in their home market (i.e. minimum 12 months satisfactory trading history) (Replaced minimum turnover requirement)
  • Increasing cross border trade must be main focus
  • Have not previously received support under the InterTradeIreland e-Merge programme**

**This requirement may change so get in touch if you'd like us to notify you!

Ineligible Sectors

Certain sectors are ineligible, though applications from most sectors can be considered if there is a unique product, system or process innovation providing additional value to the core business activity. Wholesalers & retailers who buy products for resale are excluded, though a manufacturer who is also wholesaling or retailing and eligible. Businesses involved in personal services, distribution, tourism, hospitality, primary agriculture and professional business services are not eligible for assistance under this scheme unless there is a valid new innovation product or service for example.

Digital Sales Essentials Approved Supplier Dublin Intertrade Ireland

Apply for the Digital Sales Essentials Grant here. List "Sharkey Consulting" as your potential supplier.

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Eligible companies can select up to three areas where they are seeking support:


Websites & Ecommerce Platforms

The support can help companies achieve website audits, web design processes and updates or upgrades to existing websites or integrations such as CRM/ERP integrations. The grant can also be used to extend existing web presences ecommerce functionality such as installing or integrating ecommerce features. Applicants mut already have a web presence to select this support category.

Services we provide that may be of assistance in this category include conversion optimization audits; speed & security audits; backup & disaster recovery audits; as well as CRM/ERP integrations and extending ecommerce functionalities through additional online sales supporting features.


Digital Strategy and Consulting

This category of support includes the development of a digital strategy such as a content strategy, brand positioning and identity. It can also include work on exploring opportunities for digitisation and their implementation where possible.

Service we provide that may be included in this category include developing digital sales strategies, lead driving strategies, content creation and syndication strategies and integrating your ecommerce solution with your back end systems or logistics systems for example.


Digital Marketing

Support in this category incudes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) audits and their initial implementation; as well as content focussed strategies such as identification of key social media channels, influencer marketing, blogging, adverts and video content. This category also includes implementation of digital marketing analytics such as conversion tracking and campaign tracking strategies.

Services we provide that may be of assistance in this category include search engine optimization (SEO) audits and implementation; conversion tracking and campaign tracking strategies as well as the technical implementtaion of those strategies; content strategy and syndication development.


Sales via paid digital advertising

This support category covers work setting sales goals, identifying audiences, developing website forms and measuring sales conversions. It also includes paid advertising on social media channels and pay per click advertising supports.


Online customer service

Support on this category includes planning for implementation of digital customer engagement and support services as well as online customer service support channel: email, LiveChat and messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook)

Under this category we provide services on developing customer support strategies designed for smaller businesses including the implementation of LiveChat features or integrating direct customer messaging srvice on your website such as Facebook chat, WhatsApp or other services we can recommend for your particular business needs.


E-commerce shipping and fulfilment

This category includes the mapping of a defined shipping & returns strategy for your product portfolio and practical advice on product packaging, labelling, using carriers and shipping costs.


E-commerce legal considerations and data management

This category includes review and develpment of e-commerce terms & conditions, auditing online advertising compliance, auditing compliance with GDPR and protection of customer privacy and financial data online, as well as insurance & security concerns.

Digital Sales Essentials Approved Supplier Dublin Intertrade Ireland

Apply for the Digital Sales Essentials Grant here. List "Sharkey Consulting" as your potential supplier.

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