First Class Letting business website

First Class Letting & Property Management Ltd. was founded in 2009 by Stephen McKinney. Stephen spent many years working with Dublin auctioneer and valuation companies in property rentals and sales, and launched his own company to focus his energies on providing direct, experienced, property management services.

Business Lead Generating website Ireland

Stephen came to us on a recommendation for another client during a company rebrand. We implemented a new content management system for First Class Letting focussing on integrating his new company colour scheme and paying strict attention to the small screen and mobile experience. The newly branded website displays beautifully on smaller screens and has some special features to make the smartphone experience better. The phone numbers displayed can be clicked to call Stephen directly for example. In addition to this we integrated with the account for First Class Letting, meaning that Stephen does not have to double-up on his work when adding new properties. Any new properties added to Daft, automagically appear on his own website without any extra effort.

From a business perspective the website is primarily focussed on getting new enquiries through so the major calls to action that we prioritized are getting in direct contact, requesting a free call back. promoted trust factor messages include Stephens long experience in property sales and management; testimonials from existing customers; and membership of groups such as IPAV and PSRA.

Business website DublinProject highlights

  • Deploy a new branded lead generating business website
  • Integrate with property listings
  • Implement Search Engine Optimization phrases across the content
  • Focus on an excellent mobile and small screen experience
  • Implement enquiry focussed calls to action

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Bischoff's Gallery

Bischoff's Gallery located in historic Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, carries artworks by Native American, western, and southwestern artists. The collection includes Native American pottery and jewelry, Navajo Rugs, Southwest Jewelry, Hopi Kachinas, Baskets, and more.

Joomla online shop website

When Bichoffs came to us they were running an older version of Joomla Virtuemart for their online shop and the design was outdated and didn't work very well on small screens. They also had some configuration issues and their SEF (search engine friendly) links were not parsing as neatly as they should. We launched an upgrade and redesign project with Bischoff's which saw us correcting the technical configuration issues they were experiencing; we upgraded their software to the latest stable versions of Joomla and Virtuemart and we introduced a one page checkout system to the online shop which gives a much neater user experience to their customers.

Bischoff's Gallery also opted for our long-term maintenance service which keeps their online shop updated with every security patch and feature release in Joomla and in Virtuemart. We actively monitor the live online shop and react to any issues that arise, making sure the Bischoff's Gallery online shop is ready to take sales 24/7/365.

Joomla migration, responsive design implementationProject highlights

  • Update Joomla and Virtuemart to latest versions
  • New logo design & development
  • Implementing a responsive branded online shop design
  • Automated UPS shipping fee calculation
  • SSL certificate implementation and configuration
  • Long term Joomla maintenance & support

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AHPI - membership website

The Association for Health Promotion Ireland (AHPI) is the professional association in Ireland for people working in health promotion practice, health promotion education and research. Formed in 1997 the AHPI provide a membership forum through which health promotion professionals can exchange knowledge and ideas.

Association Membership website Ireland

When the AHPI came to us they were running a Wordpress system that was not fully meeting their requirements for managing their membership subscriptions and access to member-only areas of their website. They also wanted to host a complex application system on their website to manage accreditation for their members, in line with their EU governing body. We corrected some of the more immediate issues and performed maintenance on their Wordpress website while we developed a new solution to both manage their membership website requirement and their need to process accreditation applications in a user friendly manner.

the AHPI also opted for our maintenance service which keeps their membership system up to date, safe and secured year round. We actively monitor their membership system and quickly react to any issues that arise, making sure the association members have access to their assets every day of the year.

Association Membership website IrelandProject highlights

  • Deploy a new association membership subscription website
  • New accreditation management system
  • Provided in-house group Joomla software training
  • SSL certificate implementation and configuration
  • Long term Joomla maintenance & support

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Clonakilty Food Co.

Clonakilty Food Co. are a primary producer food products based in the scenic village of Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland. Their most famous product is their Clonakilty Blackpudding which is a traditional blood pudding that has been produced in Clonakilty since the 1880's.

Brand awareness business website

When we were introduced to the team at Clonakilty Food Co. they were running an older version of Joomla. Their main goals are brand awareness, product promotion & marketing. Working with the marketing team we redeveloped their website, migrating it from a previous version of Joomla and implementing a new custom responsive design following their brand guidelines. The content was restructured to better align with their organisational goals.

In a later phase we also developed landing pages to display the products and supplier locations for their Australia and United Kingdom operations. On these pages we deployed a location mapping solution which displays all of the locations you can purchase each of their range of products from, you can even search by postcode!

Joomla migration, responsive design implementationProject highlights

  • Migrating Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.8 and continued maintenance
  • Migrating live system data with zero downtime
  • Implementing a custom, responsive branded design template
  • Supplier location mapping with location and product search
  • Long term Joomla maintenance & support

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DDAI Forum, Advertising & Migration

The Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) promotes independence and equal opportunity through mobility, education and training. With over 4,500 members the association is very busy managing the national disabled driver parking permit system; driver information, assessment & support; rehabilitative training; and advocating on disabled driving issues. Through its web presence, the association manages a community forum for its members, as well as a downloadable parking permit application form and news. We worked with the DDAI to automate more these processes, speed up their website and extend its functionality for their members.

Responsive Joomla Community Forum for DDAI

We migrated their existing Joomla!™ content management system to the latest stable version and implemented a professional modern Joomla template which is also responsive to small screen devices, working great on smartphones, tablets and larger screens. We also migrated the live forum data into the new system with minimal downtime and with no loss of data. We implemented an advanced form management system which ensures they get all the information they require to process a parking permit application, significantly reducing their back office work. Additionally, we installed a classifieds advertising extension to help their members sell mobility devices they no longer needed to the community.  

Joomla migration, responsive design implementationElements of this Joomla website migration included

  • Migrating Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.4
  • Migrating live system data with minimal downtime
  • Implementing a modern, responsive template
  • Classified advertising & Social sharing capabilities
  • Advanced form system reducing back office workload
  • Ongoing Joomla maintenance and support service

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